Yacht Club Reciprocity Agreements

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As a rule, a sailor can stop in a yacht club during his trip, and if the visited club has a reciprocal agreement with his club, he can stay. Otherwise, the seafarer may require reciprocity. Usually, this is all the sailor needs to stay. The guest club will send the visiting sailing club a formal request for reciprocity with that club. Sometimes the visiting sailor has additional citizens and exchanges them on the spot. We remind you that we would be grateful if you would like to visit one of our partners or mutuals, if you could inform our team of foreign clubs in advance so that the club in question can be contacted and an official letter of introduction can be sent to them. Please email foreignclubs@ycm.org with the name of the club you would like to visit and the dates you will be in their area. We thank you as members of an exclusive and private clubhouse for your understanding and wish you all a happy holiday. PCYC is a cashless club.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and debit. – Free access for members of the Society of Partner Clubs to the premises, restaurants and lounges and services offered upon presentation of their membership card Although the extent of privileges may vary slightly, a YCA sailor can generally expect to be allowed to use all available facilities and services of the welcoming clubs, including short-term berths, restaurant and bar service, heads and showers, etc. The Port Credit Yacht Club will extend the mutual privileges listed in the mutual policy with clubs on the other side of the lake. While some clubs like to send bunk, food, or service bills to the visitor club for billing, the AYC does not provide for the management of these fees. Therefore, the visitor must pay all personal expenses and invoices with the American Yacht Club on site. All member clubs generally grant access to the bar and restaurant, as well as berths, heads and showers on a short-term basis, but depending on the size and stature of the club, different mutual rights are granted depending on the club`s policy. In addition to partnership agreements, the Yacht Club de Monaco has also established privileged relationships with around 40 yacht clubs around the world. These mutual agreements allow members of the YCM society to join these clubs and have free access to the clubhouse upon presentation of their membership card and letter of recommendation from the club. .

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